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GI-Gachgruppe 2.1.10 - Software-Messung und -Bewertung

Software measurement Laboratory

Swiss Software & Services Metrics Association

United Kingdom Software Metrics Association

Niederländische Software Metrik Association

Finnish Software Measurement Association

das virtuelle Software Engineering Kompetenzzentrum

International Software Benchmarking Standards Group - Member-Zugangsdaten im DASMA-Mitgliedsbereich

International Function Point User Group - Member-Zugangsdaten im DASMA-Mitgliedsbereich

Online Portal für Projektmanagement - Member-Zugangsdaten im DASMA-Mitgliedsbereich
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Hauptredner / Keynote speaker

Pam Morris

Pam Morris founded Total Metrics in 1994 in response to the software industry’s need to better manage and control their software development processes. Pam has 18 years experience in software development and management, 12 of which have been specifically in the area of software measurement and process improvement. She has a B.Sc., Graduate Diploma of Computing and Diploma of Education from Latrobe and Monash Universities.

She has consulted to a wide range of corporate and government organizations in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the UK. Pam is a founding member of the Australian Software Metrics Association (ASMA) and holds a position on their Executive and the Function Point Counting and Benchmarking Database Special Interest groups.

She represents Standards Australia as the ISO/SC7/WG12 Workgroup Convenor and the international project editor of the ISO standard 14143-1 and 2 for Function Point Analysis. She plays an active role internationally in the development of the measurement standards and sat on the International Function Point User Group (IFPUG) Counting Practices Committee in the USA from 1993 to 2000.

She is an IFPUG Certified Function Point Specialist (CFPS). Pam is a member of the executive committee of the Common Software Measurement International Consortium (COSMIC). She is a regular guest speaker on the topic of software metrics numerous international conferences in the USA, Japan, New Zealand and the UK.

Pekka Forselius

Pekka Forselius is business partner, director and project management consultant at Software Technology Transfer Finland Oy. He developed the Experience Pro data-collection concept and is responsible for Experience Pro software development. It is a software package for project scope management, including effort estimation and productivity measurement.

Forselius is researcher and developer of project management methods and concepts, including FiSMA Scope Management Concept. His research interest is in learning software development organizations, especially organizational memory and organizational understanding concepts.

He received an MSc in informatics and an executive MBA from the University of Jyväskylä. He is research associate at INSEAD since 1996 and at University of Bournemouth since 2003. Forselius is the Executive Officer and one of the Scope Managers of the Project Management Division of Finnish Software Measurement Association FiSMA.

Forselius is representative of the national body of Finland in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 Software Engineering standardisation working group WG12, Functional Size Measurement. He is also member of the COSMIC executive committee and the boards of ISBSG and FIPA, Finland Information Processing Association.

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