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Software measurement Laboratory

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» Startseite / » Veranstaltungen / MetriKon-Tagungen (Rückschau) / Metrikon 2008 / Programm / Hauptvorträge / Ludger Meyer

Ludger Meyer

"Evolving from standard metrics to productivity"

Measurement is not only nice to have, it is hard work. The presentation will show how a measurement system can evolve over time. During a project you must know ‘What is the current state?’ to be able to steer the project. There are two possibilities to answer that question:

  • metrics showing the project status
  • the feeling of the project members

The second possibility can be dangerous. How to identify the right metrics? A reference model like CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) recommends some standard metrics. Normally quality, schedule, and costs are addressed. If these metrics are in place, a new question will arise:

  • Can I use metrics for predictions?
  • What will change if I use a new approach?

6 sigma and statistical process control are able to answer some of these questions. An example will be shown.
One key question remains open:

  • Do I measure the right things?

A new method we are working on is able to identify levers in an organization that influence productivity. This idea will be illustrated.


Ludger Meyer is head of the “System and Software Processes” department of Siemens AG. This department is responsible for conducting CMM-based process assessments and process improvements throughout Siemens and also a few external companies. 

This department has extensive experience, since over a decade, of conducting process assessments and improvement projects throughout Siemens. There is a strong interest in improvements that help our competitive position, including further improving the innovation capability as well as measuring and improving the efficiency of an organization.

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