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GI-Gachgruppe 2.1.10 - Software-Messung und -Bewertung

Software measurement Laboratory

Swiss Software & Services Metrics Association

United Kingdom Software Metrics Association

Niederländische Software Metrik Association

Finnish Software Measurement Association

das virtuelle Software Engineering Kompetenzzentrum

International Software Benchmarking Standards Group - Member-Zugangsdaten im DASMA-Mitgliedsbereich

International Function Point User Group - Member-Zugangsdaten im DASMA-Mitgliedsbereich

Online Portal für Projektmanagement - Member-Zugangsdaten im DASMA-Mitgliedsbereich
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About us

DASMA e.V. is a registered non-profit association. Since its foundation in 1993 the DASMA aims to promote discussion about software metrics and estimation of IT projects, as well as to foster the sharing of knowledge and experiences on this topic.

We offer our members a platform for knowledge transfer between users, providers, and researchers by supporting:

  • organization of congresses and working groups
  • the annual DASMA measurement conference, MetriKon
  • the annual DASMA students theses award
  • collaboration with national and international metrics organizations
  • collaboration in standardization committees (ISO, ISBSG, IFPUG)
  • procurement of contacts to metrics experts
  • and much more ...
Get acquainted with DASMA!

Since DASMA’s foundation in 1993 we can look back over many years of professional engagement. Currently we have about 75 members, individuals as well as corporations – and we intend to grow!

The DASMA board members work on a honorary basis and administer the association pro-actively together with the secretary, e.g. by regular board meetings, organization of congresses, member conventions, students theses award, administration of the homepage and the DASMA forum, etc.

In the Member area of our homepage our members access to the ISBSG homepages and the online magazine „Projektmagazin.de“. Further information available includes an archive of students theses, presentations, lectures and workshops (with complete contents). Obviously also internal topics of our association are published here. The member area is enhanced frequently and continually.

Our Service site informs you about the current activities and special offers. It supports you in approaching the themes of software metrics and estimation. Current trends are discussed, as well as classical established methods and techniques. This site as well is enhanced continually and shall once become the German speaking software measurement knowledge base. Still a long way to go!

At Products you’ll find certain products you can purchase. Through our membership to ISBSG we have the opportunity to offer special member. All products are sold on our shopping price base. Sometimes you also get special rebates for products of our member corporations (e.g. for seminars).

You consider to apply for a membership, or are there any questions? Our secretary will be glad to help you.

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